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Your focus is on providing patients the best possible care and we’re here to help. To complement our comprehensive menu of tests, we provide resources to registered healthcare professionals to support your testing needs.

Excellence, Dedicated, and Experienced Laboratory Technologists

A Trusted Healthcare Partner Providing You With High Quality Test Services to Manage All Health Effectively!


With a belief that knowledge is power, we connect directly with patients to deliver their results so they have valuable health information when they need it most, we care about our people and are committed to excellence in the work.

While we believe we are more than just numbers, the depth of our laboratories is pretty impressive.

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Commitment to Quality

We Bring Diagnostic Testing and Drug Development Together!

Our History

We have grown organically and through targeted acquisitions that have added to its geographic and technological company provides clinical laboratory.

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Leadership Team

Our executive team contributes to our mission of improving health and improving lives through our world-class diagnostics and drug development practices.

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Accreditation & Licensing

Our commitment to excellence and quality improvement, we offer a series of inter related quality control and assurance initiatives for our pre analytical.

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If you unraveled all your chromosomes from all of your cells and laid out the uncoiled DNA end to end, the strands would stretch from the Earth to the Sun 65 times.

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We are continually pioneering innovative tests, expanding our genetics programs, forging new relationships and investing in technology to deliver tests.

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Led by our values of caring, agile, customer centred, and teamwork, we passionately building a sustainable organization by not only doing what’s right for employees.

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Whether you are a provider or patient, when you need trusted information to make confident health decisions, consider us. Our Specialty Areas

Tips, News & Updates

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Partnership to Increase COVID19 Testing Capacity and Track All COVID-19 Variants

With 200 access points across the country a comprehensive logistics network, we have proven to be an important partner in the response to COVID-19, having governments with the most successful outcomes followed rules given...

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