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With a belief that knowledge is power, we connect directly with patients to deliver their results so they have valuable health information when they need it most, we care about our people and are committed to excellence in the work.

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While we believe we are more than just numbers, the depth of our laboratories is pretty impressive.

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Unwavering Commitment to Excellence and Quality of our Tests and Results.

We process more than 2 million patient specimens per week and help medical professionals and patients make important health decisions. The insights we gain through testing then fuel our drug development practice, by identifying patterns and even individuals who might benefit from enrollment in specific drug trials.

With the support of our diagnostics capabilities to deliver drug trials that are both reliable and rigorous, we're able to support clinical trial research efforts.

97% Customer Satisfaction based on 750+ reviews from our beloved customers and 20,000 natural products!

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We pioneer advancements in clinical testing and partnerships with industry leaders to make sure your patients have the diagnostic information you need to make health decisions.

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We pioneer advancements in clinical testing and partnerships with industry leaders to make sure your patients have the diagnostic information you need to make health decisions.

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Your Trusted Partner in Medicine Testing!

Your focus is on providing patients the best possible care and we’re here to help. To complement our comprehensive menu of tests, we provide resources to registered healthcare professionals to support your testing needs.


Supporting Our Communities to Build Positive, Safe & Clear Patient Focused Culture.

The purpose of assessing and accrediting laboratories is to evaluate and ensure compliance with established standards, identify areas of excellence and to provide recommendations for improvement.

With over 90% of health decisions based on diagnostic results, we are committed to being a trusted healthcare partner you need for decisions.

Patient Centered Care

We work day and night to solve the problems that can help them move forward for those who is seeking answers!

Quality Improvement

Our team typically processes over 3 million patient every month and fifty of the top drugs developed in 2022.

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